How to Create PHP Developer Environments With Docker Compose


About the Talk

With the popularization of microservices and distributed systems, containers became a popular choice for creating lightweight and disposable environments that can be easily replicated and distributed. Docker Compose was created to facilitate managing Docker environments that require multiple service containers, such as the typical LEMP stack.

This talk demonstrates how to create a PHP development environment with Docker Compose, using a Laravel 7 application as case study. Watch how to define and integrate services, how to share files between containers, and how to manage your environment with Docker Compose commands.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is Docker Compose
  • How to set up a docker-compose.yml for a LEMP PHP environment
  • How to run and manage your environment via Docker Compose


  • Slides

About the Presenter

Erika Heidi is a Senior Technical Writer at DigitalOcean, with a background in software engineering and systems administration. She is passionate about creating and presenting technical content for a variety of audiences, with focus in lowering the barrier of entrance to the technologies powering the modern web today.