Deploying to DigitalOcean With GitHub Actions


About the Talk

Find yourself juggling between different tools in your software development & deployment workflow? Get tips to simplify your workflow using GitHub Actions and DigitialOcean’s APIs, and watch a demo of running a CI/CD pipeline — powered by GitHub Actions — to deploy on DigitalOcean.

GitHub Actions enables you to code, build, test, publish and deploy your software in a single location, all within GitHub.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to use DigitalOcean APIs and CLIs to automate tasks
  • Automating software workflows within GitHub using GitHub Actions
  • Leveraging open source community contributions for your workflows


  • Slides
  • Learn GitHub Actions
  • GitHub Learning Lab: “DevOps with GitHub Actions”
  • GitHub Action for DigitalOcean – doctl
  • Further resources from Karan

About the Presenter

Karan MV currently manages developer relations for GitHub India. When he is not working, you can find him reading books of various genres, studying filmmaking, and honing his acting and stage-anchoring skills.