How to Install Zend and Ioncube Loader on Vestacp (Ubuntu)

Installing Zend Guard Loader and ionCube Loader on latest Ubuntu server can be so tricky but here’s the tutorial you can follow to get it installed correctly on your Ubuntu server with Vestacp software on top of it. Well, I can explain what is Zend Guard Loader and what is ionCube Loader but I’ve done that in my previous article so please take your time to read it if you want. Continue reading “How to Install Zend and Ioncube Loader on Vestacp (Ubuntu)”

ISPmanager – A Short Review

There are many free control panel apps I’ve reviewed and posted a tutorial about how to install it. But today I’m gonna introduce you a non-free control panel with very affordable license price but capable to delivering awesome premium features. I know you might think it’s WHM/cPanel but no. There are many reviews about it already so I’m gonna introduce you another great panel called ISPmanager. Continue reading “ISPmanager – A Short Review”