Build, Deploy, and Scale Your First Web App Using DigitalOcean App Platform


About the Talk

Web applications are ubiquitous and used in every industry — from ecommerce, gaming, media, and beyond — and many of these apps are powered by DigitalOcean. Learn how you too can run resilient apps on DigitalOcean’s modern platform. In this beginner-level session, learn how to rapidly build, deploy, manage, and scale a web app.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to efficiently use DigitalOcean App Platform to rapidly build and deploy resilient and scalable web apps.

This Talk is Designed For

  • Anyone who is new to building web applications


  • Slides

About the Presenter

Kamal Nasser is a Software Engineer at DigitalOcean. When not automating and playing with modern software and technologies, you’ll likely find him penning early 17th century calligraphy.