Build Apps Faster With DigitalOcean App Platform


About the Talk

This talk builds upon the simplicity of DigitalOcean with our announcement of DigitalOcean App Platform. Come learn about this new offering and our vision to bring more Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities to developers around the world.

DigitalOcean has launched dozens of new products and services over the last two years using user research, hypothesis-driven development, design thinking, and agile/iterative methodologies. Learn how these can help you get your new product or service off the ground faster and with greater success.

What You’ll Learn

  • Brief overview of DigitalOcean App Platform capabilities
  • DigitalOcean’s roadmap for PaaS
  • How to find product-market fit for your new web product/service


  • Slides

About the Presenter

Jake Levirne is Senior Director of Product for Developer Experience at DigitalOcean. He loves working with startups and helping build products that are simple, intuitive, and that get the job done. His personal mission is to help more people realize they can build anything they want.