Building Optimized Containers for Kubernetes


Container images are the primary packaging format for defining applications within Kubernetes. Used as the basis for pods and other objects, images play an important role in leveraging Kubernetes' features to efficiently run applications on the platform. Well-designed images are secure, highly performant, and focused. They are able to react to configuration data or instructions provided by Kubernetes and also implement endpoints the orchestration system uses to understand internal application state. Continue reading “Building Optimized Containers for Kubernetes”

Как установить Node.js в Ubuntu 18.04


Node.js это платформа для разработки приложений на языке JavaScript, позволяющая быстро создавать приложения, работающие в сети. Использование JavaScript одновременно на клиентской и на серверной стороне позволяет сделать разработку более унифицированной и спроектированной в рамках единой системы. Continue reading “Как установить Node.js в Ubuntu 18.04”

How to Install Lua Scripting Language in Linux

Lua is a free and open source, powerful, robust, minimal and embeddable scripting language. It’s an extensible and interpreted scripting languages that is dynamically typed, run by interpreting bytecode with a register-based virtual machine….