VestaCP Nginx Php-fpm Performance On OpenVZ VPS

Here is another short review on how an OpenVZ-based VPS running VestaCP with Nginx and Php-fpm stack can perform in a real production environment hosting real website with real traffic. Previously, I also posted another short review about VestaCP performance using its default configuration (Nginx as frontend proxy, Apache as webserver, PHP, and MySQL). The result was pretty impressive which until then the server received traffic spike. The server was basically ok but I had to move it to another server due to a number of reasons which I can not describe them here. Instead of just moving the website to new server, I wanted to also try different configuration. Hence, I decided to install VestaCP with pure Nginx as webserver and PHP-fpm. Moreover, I always wanted to try Redis so I also installed it alongside with Vestacp. Continue reading “VestaCP Nginx Php-fpm Performance On OpenVZ VPS”